About the Show

In the new millennium tradition of finding relatable joy in the follies of those with arrested development (Workaholics, Broad City), TRAINING WHEELS is a Portland-based sitcom about two friends who are good at dreaming, but bad at reality. Based on the real-life adulting adventures of comedians Aaron Ross & Jordan Paladino, we find this less than dynamic duo shooting for the stars by creating their own weekly late-night talk show, the long-running NW staple “WHO’S the ROSS?” With their heads in the clouds, these masters of less than none continue shoot for the moon while stumbling back down here on Earth; unable to maintain relationships, pay their bills, move out of mom’s house, or even learn how to ride a bike.

Ross & Paladino met in 2005, when Ross returned to his high school alma mater to teach improv comedy workshops. An initial disdain turned into an inseparable partnership, as the two have been collaborating on laughs, life, and losing at love for the past decade.

Training Wheels initially began pre-production in the summer of 2015, when filmmaker Tyler Bertram was approached to take the visual reins of a Pilot episode. Over the course of the next couple years the trio partnered to film nine episode together, initially on a shoestring budget with the assistance of friends, and later through the generosity of fans through a crowdfunding effort in early 2017. 2018 saw the completion of a 30-min series finale with filmmaker Sean Parker.

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